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The leading provider of traditional martial arts classes for kids, adults and families in Randolph Morris County NJ. Elite TOMA Martial Arts is much more than a martial arts school it’s a family oriented community dedicated to helping you “Live Your Best Life.”

Elite TOMA Martial Arts features award-winning programs for people of all ages, that are focused on character development, leadership training and life-skills education. We balance our teachings with progressive and innovative methods to help you succeed in life.

Elite TOMA Martial Arts offers an environment that is fun, safe and challenging. Our genuine passion is to serve the community by helping people live their best life.

We’re thrilled that you’re considering getting started in our martial arts program. One of the biggest decisions you can make is in deciding which school to choose. Try our Martial Arts Trial Program and see what a big difference martial arts classes at Elite TOMA Martial Arts can make. We promise you’ll find our TOMA classes to be a positive and fun introduction to martial arts.

Try our FREE Martial Arts Trial Program.

We promise you’ll find our classes to be a positive and fun introduction to martial arts world.

These are just a few of the reasons we’ve become the largest martial arts school in the area.
We guarantee that learning martial arts at Elite TOMA Martial Arts will be a rewarding activity with benefits to last a lifetime.

At Elite TOMA Martial Arts we offer a free trial program! Ideal for beginners – no experience necessary.

See what a big difference martial arts classes at Elite TOMA Martial Arts can make.


Fill out this form and we will contact you to schedule your visit and begin your awesome experience. We are confident getting involved in Elite TOMA Martial Arts will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

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