Are you looking for something meaningful and rewarding to do with your children?

At Elite TOMA, we specialize in family martial arts. TOMA’s Family Program allows children and adults to train together in the same class. There is nothing more rewarding than both parents and children learning and accomplishing great things together that they have worked so hard for.

Key to every event is that our students and families have fun with a staff and organization they can trust. We believe our events truly are special for everyone involved, and we invite you to see for yourself.

What are the Benefits of the TOMA Family Program?

Memorable Quality Family Time:

The TOMA Family Program allows children and adults to train together in the same class. With the hustle and bustle of today’s society, UMAC gives the whole family unit an opportunity to be together in a positive environment. Most important, spending quality time together and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Train as a Family:

TOMA Family Classes are extremely popular because parents and children train as a family. No longer will parents have to go back and forth two or three times with their children dropping them off for different classes. The whole family progresses together, develops together, and shares a common bond that continues to strengthen as time goes on.

Set and Achieve Goals as a Family:

The martial arts is all about setting and accomplishing short-term goals to achieve long-term goals. Put the whole family into the mix and now there is something very powerful. The fact that family members support each other through encouragement and shared effort, strengthens the relationships of any family. When the goals are achieved, it is life altering for all involved!


The classes at TOMA are extremely fun and exciting. Family classes take the emphasis away from the parents and places it on the training. This is one of the biggest benefits for parents of our Family Program. Moms and dads are parents 24 hours a day everyday. In the Family Program, children and parents are training partners and leave the parenting to us. This way moms and dads can have FUN with their children and enjoy the quality time together.

Elite Toma family martial arts classes offer:
  • A way to bring your family closer together
  • A rewarding activity your whole family will enjoy
  • A way to find exercise time for both you and your children
  • A positive environment surrounded by motivated goal-setters
  • We offer a flexible class schedule at each of our locations, allowing you to attend classes at times convenient for you.

At Elite Toma, families can train together, providing you with shared goals, quality family time, and an opportunity to meet a great group of friendly people

Our Events Include

TOMA Summer Camp, Bring-a-friend days, Parents Night Out, Halloween Party, TOMA Break-A-Thon fundraiser, Picnic, Family Fun Day, Holiday Party, Tournament, and Children’s Birthday Parties.

FREE Martial Arts Trial Program

Interested in trying out martial arts at our school? At Elite TOMA Martial Arts we offer a free trial program! Ideal for beginners – no experience necessary.

Our Free Trial includes:

  • Private and Group Martial Arts Classes
  • The opportunity to observe classes and speak with our professional instructors
  • Personal tour of our facilities
  • A review of our flexible class schedule

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