Fun and Exciting Learning Activities

Give your Child a strong start in Life!

This is for preschoolers and kindergarteners burn off excess energy while gaining greater focus and self-control. Our Jr. Tiger Champions Classes are fast-paced, fun filled, educational and motivational.

Kids love Taekwondo and parents love watching their kids learn and grow in a positive, well disciplined and encouraging atmosphere. Each class is filled with exciting, hi-energy drills that are carefully designed to develop important life skills. Classes start simple and gradually become more challenging based on each child’s individual pace and readiness for new material.

Elite TOMA training builds a strong foundation that can easily be applied in academics, sports, arts and social settings outside the Do Jang.

More Than Just Learning To Kick & Punch!

Our Program will keep your child physically fit as well as encourage the benefits of good behavior, teamwork, and being their best at home, at school and social situations.

Jr. Tigers will improve your child’s motor skills and enhance their mental development to help them face life’s challenges. They will increase their self-esteem, be a better listener and have a positive outlook.

What You Look for in Your Child:
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Improved Listening and Concentration Skills
  • Higher levels of Respect and Obedient Behavior
  • Decrease in Parent Separation Anxiety
  • Improved Self-Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Better direction and use of their energy
  • “Yes I Can” Attitude
Your Family Values Partner

Think of our Jr. Tiger Program and instructors as your partners, reinforcing the same values you teach your child at home, such as good manners, respect for themselves and others, following directions the first time and much more.

Life Skills Education
FREE Martial Arts Trial Program

Interested in trying out martial arts at our school? At Elite TOMA Martial Arts we offer a free trial program! Ideal for beginners – no experience necessary.

Our Free Trial includes:

  • Private and Group Martial Arts Classes
  • The opportunity to observe classes and speak with our professional instructors
  • Personal tour of our facilities
  • A review of our flexible class schedule

Fill out this form and we will contact you to schedule your visit and begin your awesome experience.We are confident getting your child involved in Elite TOMA Martial arts will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

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