What “TOMA” Stands For

Welcome to Elite TOMA, the leading provider of traditional martial arts classes for kids and adults in Randolph, NJ. Elite TOMA Martial Arts is much more than a martial arts school. It’s a family-oriented community dedicated to helping you live your best life.

Owner and operator Grand Master Jae Hyeon Jo opened the school in 2001 to bring his vision of Traditional Oriental Martial Arts to Morris County. This vision includes development of the whole person to reach every individual’s personal best. The process involves learning proper Techniques to harden the body, Obedience and respect to broaden community relations, Meditation and inner strength to sharpen the mind, plus Ancestry and culture to build a foundation for understanding why we do what we do.

Our popular children’s classes are firmly rooted in respect for self, family, and community. We have classes for all ages and abilities and a proven track record of success with special needs from ADHD to autism spectrum and more.  Our powerful leadership program develops disciplined, confident black-belt leaders who are extremely well-prepared to face the challenges of adulthood. Adult classes focus on developing a healthy body and a peaceful mind, with plenty of self-defense techniques for personal safety. All our classes are a great workout and lots of fun!

To learn more about us, browse through our Google Reviews, YouTube channel, and website. We hope you will come by to see what we are all about!