Break-a-thon 2018



It was a cloudy day, but the TOMA spirit would not be dampened. On October 20, 2018 hundreds gathered at the dojang for Break-a-thon. The fire department came, families brought dishes to share, and Master Jo’s team provided the boards. Students supplied the energy!

Over the previous few weeks, students and their families worked hard to raise money in support of the Randolph Fire Department. Extra jobs around the neighborhood, donation requests in public venues, and bake sales became commonplace. For every $5 a student raised, they earned one board to break at the event. In class, instructors helped them hone their axe kick, hammer fist, knife hand, and other breaking techniques. When the day arrived, thousands of boards were ready and awaiting destruction.

Ki-YAH! The sounds of splintering wood, focused energy, and cheering families filled the air outside TOMA as students annihilated their boards. Aside from a day of fun and funds for a good cause, Break-a-thon is a lesson in charity and community involvement. Students get involved in doing something positive for others, but they also set goals and develop their own plan to reach them. They take responsibility for their own goal by developing a plan and then taking steps to reach it. The results are more than a dollar amount; at Elite TOMA growing children into charitable individuals and community leaders is a worthy endeavor all its own.