Orientation: Let’s Get To Know Each Other

Families who walk in our door usually come because they heard about us from a friend or read our great reviews, and they want to see what the fuss is about (if you haven’t read ours, check out what members say). Naturally, they want to see the place, talk to us, and make a decision about their own needs. They need to get to know us – Orientation is where that happens.

Our rigorous standards for students in the dojang are obvious. But many parents are pleasantly surprised to see that we extend those expectations to the home as well. Students are celebrated for their successes and motivated to improve when they stumble. A child pulled aside for an after-class chat with Master Jo comes away eager to do better, not dejected or defeated by failure. Parents want to see how we grow black-belt leaders, and Orientation classes are where they get an introduction to our process.

Orientation classes are also our introduction to you. Achieving a black belt is a difficult journey and requires joint support from family and instructors. These early classes begin a relationship that should become a strong web of support beneath our future black belts. When we see success in an Orientation student who has their family’s support, we invite him or her into our Elite Leadership Program. There they learn the skills necessary to be an effective black-belt leader.

Tiger Champions functions in much the same role for our youngest students. Their young bodies and minds need time to develop before they can get the most out of Orientation and Leadership classes, but by starting early they have a leg-up on older students. We have watched many a squirrelly preschooler developed into strong, disciplined students with less difficulty than some of our older starters.

Take advantage of your time in Orientation or Tiger Champions to talk to other parents, observe classes, ask questions, and be welcomed into the Elite TOMA family! Meanwhile, see what’s going on at the dojang on our Facebook page.